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Include Mattermost account signup

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Getting in touch with C68: Mattermost
Account creation
Creating your Mattermost account is easy.
You can either login through Collective68's GitLab (if you have
an account) or using an email and password.
When you access our Mattermost page, you will be greeted by the login screen
.. image:: ../images/mattermost/splashscreen.png
After you log in for the first time, a page asking you which team you want to join will be displayed. Chose whichever team you want to (You can participate in both teams, but for now you have to chose one)
.. image:: ../images/mattermost/teamselection.png
After chosing the team, you will see the tutorial on how to use Mattermost.
.. image:: ../images/mattermost/landingscreen.png
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