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......@@ -29,3 +29,34 @@ Changing your password
.. tip::
The stronger the password, the better
Setting it up in your devices
Accessing via Thunderbird
1. Open Thunderbird & Click on `Email` to add a new address
.. image:: ../images/thunderbird/1.png
2. Add `Your Name`, `Email Address` & `Password`
.. image:: ../images/thunderbird/2.png
3. Thunderbird responds with the mail server it finds. If these do not match the `Secure Settings <>`_ ,it is **HIGHLY** recommended you use these.
Click the Manual Config button to change them
.. image:: ../images/thunderbird/3.png
4. Replace the `Server hostname` and `Port` with your details
.. attention::
Use IMAP & SMTP Ports
.. image:: ../images/thunderbird/4.png
5. After updating the configuration, press Re-test. The text highlighted should appear. Then click Done.
.. image:: ../images/thunderbird/5.png
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