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......@@ -9,9 +9,16 @@ Accessing via the web
1. Use the link given to you in your favorite browser
2. Enter your credentials
.. image:: ../images/cpanel-webmail/cpanel-login.png
.. image:: ../images/cpanel-webmail/webmail-login.png
If you see the 3 options below, we recommend using roundcube
.. image:: ../images/cpanel-webmail/webmail-client.png
Changing your password
1. Login using WebMail
2. Use the top right menu to go to `Password & Security`
.. image:: ../images/cpanel-webmail/change-password.png
3. Set your new password
.. image:: ../images/cpanel-webmail/change-password-2.png
.. hint::
The stronger the password, the better
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