Nextcloud Consultancy
& Hosting

Are you looking for a great file-sharing solution? Do you need a new collaborative platform but having your data private and secure is something of high importance to you? We have an answer to that and we fully recommend Nextcloud.

Nextcloud is a private self-hosted cloud solution. As a free open source software platform, it gives you more freedom than any proprietary software out there. As longtime Nextcloud contributors, the Collective68 team offers you high-quality cloud services for your files, calendar and a variety of apps.

If you need a professional set up without worrying about the technical implementation, reach out to us to discuss your needs. With C68 you can receive a dedicated Nextcloud account where you just have to log in, maintained by our team. If you want to host your data at your own servers we offer consultancy services to help you create your cloud storage space.

Why choose C68 for your cloud services?

  • we are based in Albania
    ideal if you and your company are based in South East Europe region

  • servers in Germany
    more privacy for you data

Time to have your own Nextcloud instance?

Just reach out to us with your contact information to discuss specific requirements. We'll have our team at your disposal to suggest and build the best set up for your company or organization.


Feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you.