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**Fore-note: This is a blog post from our 'how to' series written collaboratively with Dejvid Sherri.**
The Libre-hosting industry is quite complex and simple simultaneously. It is complex because we offer and maintain infrastructure for individuals and organizations that can basically host open source software themselves. There are no license constrains (open source FTW) and with some relatively cheap hardware you can do everything yourself or in-house. At the same time, a lot of organizations choose to trust teams like ours for their digital infrastructure mainly due to the fact that we seem to be convenient or do not want to spend time in maintaining infrastructure. With []( you only have one bill and our team takes care of software installations, on-boarding, software updates and security patches, or at least that's how we perceived it. Early this year though, we gradually understood that one of the most important things in the list of services we offer was the quality of the technical support we offer and the fact that we aim to have human support. This means that our tech support team strives to approach every request for support very seriously and we want to offer the same quality of support that we expect ourselves from others. We imagine our tech support to be similar to a local bio store where you get not only good quality food, but also the owner of the shop knows you by your name. Many digital infrastructure companies try to offer support using automation based tools. This might lower the operational costs, which means more financial gains for these companies, with major drawbacks for the users. Half the time you're not sure if you're talking to an AI or an actual human resulting in major lack of empathy. For us, that's far away from our approach. Having said this we want you to have an idea of how to get support from our team, either you are an actual client or just someone that wants to contact us. So, here it goes;
## Actual partners
We try to make your life easier by offering multiple ways of getting support. From our experience sending emails seems to be the preferred way of getting support from our team.
# Through our <a href="mailto:%73%75%70%70%6F%72%74@%63%6C%6F%75%64%36%38.%63%6F">support email</a> or [](
This is the most monitored channel and has the fastest response time - I personally make sure of that! This can be done two ways, either by sending an email <a href="mailto:%73%75%70%70%6F%72%74@%63%6C%6F%75%64%36%38.%63%6F">here</a> or by going to [this]( link and accessing the support interface. In both cases our lovely [Zammad]( open source ticket management software makes sure to help us make the management of your request easier. As a partner we can provide you with an account with which you can sign in by inputting the credentials we will provide. You can request for one by sending us an email <a href="mailto:%73%75%70%70%6F%72%74@%63%6C%6F%75%64%36%38.%63%6F">here</a>.
Once you're in you will see this interface:
In this case no tickets are open however for partners who have sent an email before at our <a href="mailto:%73%75%70%70%6F%72%74@%63%6C%6F%75%64%36%38.%63%6F">support email</a>
you might have tickets open.
As you can see to create a ticket you can either click on **'Create your first ticket'** or by clicking the **+** on the bottom left corner.
You will be prompted with this screen afterwards:
In which you can start describing your issue.
The title is suggested to be as short as it can and whenever something is urgent its great to have it there.
In the text section it's great to describe the issue in as much detail as possible and a screenshot when needed. This will help us determine the issue quickly and respond asap. Click on the **'Create'** button and your ticket will be made and our team will be notified.
After we have responded you can either close the issue or you can reply to us if it is fixed or not and we can close it for you. To close the issue you can open the dropdown menu on the top right corner and select the **'closed'** option and then click the **'Update** button on the bottom right corner.
To reply to us you can type on the space named **'Enter Note or select attachment...'**
# Schedule a call
This is another easy way to get support.
To schedule a call is simple all you have to do is go to [this]( link and click on **'Book Now'**.
You will be redirected to our calendar in which you can choose a time & day, add your name and email and then finalize the process.
Our team will send you a link with a BigBlueButton call.
## Potential partners and general inquiries.
If you have general inquiries or happen to be a friend of ours from the [librehosters]( network you can contact us through one of our communcation channels below.
# Contact form
To access our contact form you can go to [this]( link.
You can add your name, email and the message you want to send then click on **'Send your message'** which will send an email to us.
# Schedule a call
You can schedule a call by going [here]( and clicking **'Book Now'**
Choose your time and date and you can finalize the process.
# Good old fashion chat
We welcome actual partners, friends and bots at []( (soon to be for a casual chat at our Mattermost channel. This is mainly for non essential services, just hanging around and talking to each other. 🙂
## In the future...
This is how we operate at the moment, but in the near future we plan to:
Expand our support team, following the addition of Dejvid;
Add more support channels including, but not limited to Twitter, chat on our website and more to improve the quality of our technical support based on your feedback.
What do you think about this setup? Do you have any proposals? Feel free to... [contact us]( 🙂